Studio Musings

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Working on UFOs

This Saturday is the UnFinished Objects Blog Hop.  Or should I say the Finished Objects - as that's the challenge and goal - to take one or more UFOs and finish them up.  While a number of newly finished pieces have already made their appearance over in the Facebook group, Saturday's the 'official' reveal. 

For myself - I'm running behind, but the hop has definitely given me impetus to work on a couple of of my UFOs.  I'm determined to finish at least one of them!  What am I working on?

UFO #1:   Orange Blossoms Tea Cozy.  The biggest challenge here is I hadn't done any hand embroidery in YEARs!  I look at my earlier work, compare it to my current, atrophied skill levels, and wonder if it was really me.  Then I consider adding beads.  I know beads!  Then I worry about washability.  Then I wonder if washability really matters....  

UFO #2:  Starry Night Collar.  I've worked on this piece off and on since the 2012 blog challenge that originally prompted the piece.  The photo below shows where I left off, way back when.   Yeah, it was pretty sad (I don't want to say how many hours this photo represented)

As far as I got in the original Big Hole Hop Challenge

As of this morning, the front is almost done - but there's still plenty of stitching to go on the back.  I also need to sort out the final clasp mechanism.  Will I get it done in time?  That's a really good question! 

Guess we'll see Saturday morning.  At the very least, I will share where they both are today.  And we'll get to see what everyone else has accomplished.  Guess I better get back to work!


  1. oooh! I asked for embroidery materials for my birthday this year (they should arrive tomorrow .... on my birthday :) I used to embroider as a girl, so we'll see if it is like riding a bike. I LOVE the idea of a starry night necklace and can't wait to see how this one comes together! See you tomororw