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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Fish + Fusion Beads = Very Fun Sunday

We had a full house this past Sunday at Fusion Beads. A couple of my students likely had more experience with bead embroidery than I, while several others simply wanted to give the technique a try.  Wondering why they all decided to take my class, I asked.  The resounding answer was 'because they're HAPPY fish; they're smiling'.  Guess I'm not the only one captivated by these little guys!  And the simple power of happiness.

There was certainly plenty of laughter as everyone worked to develop their own, unique Happy Fish. 
I was able to snap photos of almost everyone's work (I missed a few who managed to sneak out before I had my camera ready).  And they are graciously allowing me to share them here:

Bonnie's 'Turtle Taxi'
Bonnie started with some of the new two-hole cabochon beads; they look like pearls, but the flat backs make them perfect for bead embroidery.  I've not worked with them yet, but watching Bonnie, I've definitely put them on my 'wish list'.  She then added a flower bead for the eye, and finished with two little turtle beads so the fish could bring it's friends along.  Hence it's name, Turtle Taxi.   Bonnie says she's going to finish it as a pendant.  Can't wait to see it! 

Brenda's Fish, playing with different bead sizes and some leaf beads
Patty R's fish, sporting stylish dragonscale beads

Cathy's fish, experimenting with lentil beads
After capturing the large cabochon bead with peyote stitch, Cathy experimented with the possibilities of lentil beads as fish scales.  They seemed to work best if they weren't packed too tightly together.

Doris, Patty H's best dressed fish
We had some fun discussing how Patty could transition her vertical lines of beading into Doris' tail.

Cynthia's fish - inspired by paisley designs

Thank you all!  I had a blast and hope you did too.  And many thanks again to Fusion Beads for providing such a wonderful place to teach (and take) beading workshops!


  1. What a fun class! I really enjoyed seeing all the fish.

  2. oh what fun! I so wish I were close enough to take one of your classes Karen!

  3. Embroidery is not my favorite thing but these little happy fish make me rethink trying it yet again. Your fish, of any stitch, always make me want to try them!