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Monday, November 4, 2013

NW Bead Society Bead Retreat

Time truly does fly by this time of year!  I can't believe it's already been a week since I returned from the wonderful Bead Retreat on Vashon Island.  I'd meant to write about it the Monday I returned.  Oops!  I didn't even have time to download all the photos until last Thursday.

The NW Bead Society's retreat is sort of like WWDC in that it sells out almost as soon as it's announced, with many returning year after year.  I was a little slow off the bat, and spent much of the summer on the waiting list, but finally got the call that someone had backed out so I was in.

So bright and early on the last Friday in October, Patricia Hardway and Pamm Horbit grabbed me and we all headed for the Fauntleroy Ferry.  There's something magical about ferries - I always feel like I'm on vacation as soon as I'm onboard.  Despite the fact that it's really right next door, I'd never been to Vashon Island, an oversight I was very happy to rectify.  It's amazing to me how close it is to Seattle, because it truly felt like a world away. 

a quick snapshot of the main beading room taken from my little corner
Then there was the retreat itself, held at the Retreat Center at Camp Burton, a wooded, waterfront property with gorgeous views.  Our main room was quite spacious, with a little kitchenette area and good light.  I managed to grab a corner spot with windows on either side.  Besides lots of time for beading, it was such fun to simply spend time with the other attendees.  Time to really talk with women I'd known casually for a couple of years now.  And to meet new people - like Sally Anaya, who teaches basket weaving around the world and maintains a blog that she updates daily.  Daily entries - I am so impressed. 

And when I needed a break from stitching, there was always someone up for a walk around the camp or a foray down to the beach (where my friends helped me find several more items for my Found Objects challenge piece).  Meals were served in the main dining hall, a short walk away, with a spectacular view.  For a day and a half we shared our meals with the Ballard High School Choir, who gave us a mini-concert Saturday night, singing Ave Maria.  Which of course made me think of my Mom because that's one of her favorite songs.  The food was simple, healthy and absolutely yummy and it was sooo nice letting someone else worry about menus and prep and cleanup, too.

view from the dining room at Camp Burton

the same view from just outside on the deck
from one of my walks

But perhaps one of my favorite things about the weekend were the Secret Bead Buddies.  Everyone was incredibly sneaky, and it was such fun returning from a short walk to find a package sitting at my workspace, or a package waiting outside your bedroom door in the morning.  It was equally fun trying to find ways to sneak my packages to my Buddy and helping others do the same.  And even more fun watching everyone discover the surprises.

I didn't find out until the last morning, but my Secret Buddy, Sharon,  couldn't be there.  But she gave all of her packages to Shirley with explicit instructions.  Shirley did an amazing job - she was definitely sneaky extraordinare.  I found my first surprise waiting on my workspace Friday evening with a hand-written note saying "Do Not Bend".  It turned out to be this mask. 

I spent most of my weekend working on bits and pieces for my Beaded Bottle project.  And collected several new messages for my project.  (To recap - I'm working on a Message in a bottle project and I'm still collecting messages for my bottle.  Feel free to send me one if you're interested). 

Sunday I took a fun class from Debby Zook on making Icosidodecahedrons (otherwise known as Beaded Baubles).  There was supposed to be a large bead in the center, but mine didn't fit (too small) so all I have is the framework, which supports itself quite nicely.  I'd love to make a bunch of these for my Christmas tree. 

They're also another bead project that you could give to a guy. 

Because I can't resist sharing, here are a few more pictures from the beach:

Tidewater with barnacles

barnacles encrusted on an old stump

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