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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Alison Oman's Three Fish Friends

A couple of the participants in my Fish Are Friends Challenge and Blog Hop don't currently have their own blogs, so I'm hosting them here as guest posts. Here's Alison Oman talking about her interpretations of the design:

Three Fancy Fish by Alison Oman with peyote stitch bodies
Three Fancy Fish by Alison Oman with peyote stitch bodies

Another view of the Fancy Fish by Alison Oman with peyote stitch bodies
Another view of the Fancy Fish by Alison Oman
This has been an adventure for me!! Not only am I an avid loom weaver, I'm REALLY left handed, soooooo the RAW has been quite a challenge for fact, I'll admit the two fish I've done so far I cheated and did peyote for the body.

However, my photography skills are really awful - I have a point and shoot camera and the colors and beads just all meld together.

My daughter is the camera aficionado and she has had fun walking around the back yard with these three fish.

Red fish perched in a rose
I've had such a great response from the fish and as the local art gallery is having a show called "Fish" in July I'm working on a piece that is inspired by your fish designs.



  1. Alison - your fish are gorgeous! And your daughter captured them so beautifully in the garden!

  2. wow! those are some fancy fish! great job, and good thing you've got a camera expert in your house! I could use a little of that myself :)

  3. I love your fish and rhe variety of colors you used. They look so cute on the flowers.

  4. Your daughter did a great job on the photos! They are all so very cute, my fave is the red one. I love the fact that you are the inspiration for a show!

  5. Your fish turned out really well. I have used tubular peyote stitch for covering rubber snakes and lizards. It is a challenge to get the shaping right. Right Angle Weave is much easier to control for shaping.

    You can totally do Right angle weave in the opposite direction for your lefty brain. Just remember that you are essentially doing figure eights that link together. The other good way to think about it is like building an apartment building. The ceiling of the previous unit becomes the floor of the next unit. Same thing goes for side walls. It really helps to visualize that while working.

  6. Alison, I'll probably never take up beading but that won't stop me from admiring the awesome work you beaders have accomplished with Karen's wonderful pattern!

  7. What great sleek fish. I am a fan of peyote- it is my favorite stitch. Keep working at the RAW, it really is versatile. I can't even begin to imagine the challenge of being left handed and learning to bead.

    Your daughter did a great job on the photography.

    I am so glad to see your variations.

  8. Alison,
    Your little fish are gorgeous and you made them your own by using peyote. RAW is difficult for a right handed person I can't even imagine what it would be for a left handed person.

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