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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Focus on Life - 52 Images

I have joined Sally at the Studio Sublime in her challenge to document 2013 through a year of photos - one per week for the next fifty two. 

Assignment one:  self-portrait

self-portrait by Karen Williams - holding a beaded ornament

self-portrait by Karen Williams - journaling

From my vantage point - this is what I see.  My hands.  They are what I use to create, to write, to type, to communicate.  My fingers are often stained with paint or ink (witness the top photo above).  They look more and more like my mother's hands as the years go by.

I wish I could have figured out an easy way to take a picture of both hands at the same time.

But I need at least one hand to hold the camera and take a photo.  Or two, when I'm trying to take a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror.  I decided to take the photo above so I wouldn't feel like I'd chickened out by focusing on my hands. 


  1. Wonderful photos...I always look at people's hands, so yours were such a pleasure to see. You are so beautiful, Karen :-)

  2. I love your photos. It is funny how we never really see ourselves. (I usually go out of my way to avoid a mirror.) It's also interesting how we define ourselves, through our work and passions.

  3. Love the two pictures of your hands... I keep thinking I should have taken a picture of my closet full of shoes! That would have been a true self portrait of me!

  4. great photos! agree with Tanya, we do define ourselves through our works, and our hands. that is how I see me. then I look in the mirror and ask 'hey when did my mom get here?' hard to believe how that happens

  5. I loved reading your post! I can ALMOST see both hands in your bottom photo! This is a great picture...beautiful in fact!

  6. I love to look at hands! They tell so much about a person, but as much as I like the pictures of your hands I love the picture of you the best! Beautiful!!

  7. I think there is just as much character in hands as there is in a face. Your face and hands are beautiful!

  8. I like that we got to see your hands first, the way you see yourself and then turned the camera (ok reflected it) so we could see the whole you. Beautiful all around

  9. Wonderful photos! I love that you chose to focus on your hands-which you use every day in so many ways. And I'm happy you included a photo of yourself too. You are beautiful!

  10. What a complete self portrait. Love your series!

  11. Great shot, I love the reflection repeating in what looks like the bevel of the mirror. Great interpretation!

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