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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm Gonna Teach in Texas

Corset & Stays beaded beads, Saturday October 27th
The class signups for Bead Fest Texas went live yesterday, including my two evening classes!  Woo hoo!  Time for a happy dance.  Even better, for today at least, my Lacework Bracelet is one of their featured workshops.  How cool is that?
Both of my classes are right angle weave, no peyote stitch.  I have to laugh a little at the irony in that.   Luckily right angle weave is my second most favorite stitch (and combines beautifully with peyote stitch).  Besides the Lacework Bracelet, I'll also be teaching my right angle weave Corset and Stays spoke beads on Saturday, October 27th.  Definitely one of those you-can't-stitch-just-one sorts of patterns.

It's likely just me, but ever since I got the news back in February that I'd be teaching in Texas this fall, I periodically find myself humming a certain tune....  

And for those looking for little freeform peyote, I'll be teaching my Freeform Ruffles class again here in Seattle on June 10th at Fusion Beads.


  1. Karen, how exciting! I wish I were going to Texas. Once again, I see a need for my own private jet. :)

    Also, there's a surprise for you on my blog!

  2. Congratulations! Lucky, lucky class members!

  3. A private jet would be nice, wouldn't it? And I loved the surprise - thank you!

  4. I have not been keeping up with blogger at all lately, so I missed this post. But, to my pleased surprise, I saw your classes on the BeadFest newsletter!! I am so thrilled for you, and for your students! Hopefully you will have someone that can take some pics of you teaching the classes. I'm so excited for you, my friend!!