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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And the winner is....

one of my favorite widgets!
Bobbie of Beadsong Jewelry is the winner from last week's blog post celebrating my 500th book sale on Amazon.  Popping by her blog to drop her the note,  I discovered her latest post.  Her title summed up my last few weeks brilliantly: "Why Yes, I Have Been Living Under a Rock...". 

I keep hoping that life will settle back down into a more normal commitment load.  But considering the season, I think I'm pretty much along for the ride. 

I've also decided to send smaller goodie packets out to the all the other lovely souls who helped me celebrate.   I've sent private messages to all of you except for KipperCat, whose profile doesn't include an email link.  If you happen to see this - drop me a private message with how to reach you!  ;)

Genericity Generosity, *photo copyright Teresa Sullivan
And on an entirely different note, if you happen to be in Seattle tomorrow evening, you might want to attend the NW Bead Society's monthly meeting.  Teresa Sullivan, "putting beads where they don't belong since 1994," will be the speaker.  She is a storyteller with her work, incorporating a wide variety of bead weaving techniques to match her visions.

To see more of Teresa's work, visit her website or her blog, Rock n Roll Bead Patrol.


  1. Can't believe I missed that post. Congratulations!!! I'm working on a color challenge, and decided it needed to be a free form, so out came my KarenBook! (that's how I think of it in my head) I just love reading thru it, because each time, I start expanding my thinking about the project. So glad you wrote it!

  2. Yippee! Seriously, I never win ANYTHING, so I'm thrilled! Thank you for being so generous with your talent and with the giveaway. Pardon me while I go do another happy dance....