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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Alaskan Sketches

I'm not sure I'd recommend the particular Moleskine I brought along for this trip. The blank, cream-colored pages warped terribly with the slightest addition of water. Watercolors and markers both bled through to the other side such that I had to skip pages between spreads.

But on the other hand, the book, at 3.5" x 5.5", was wonderfully pocket-sized and quite slim, which made it easy to pack, and easy to use.

I don't guarantee the spelling of any of the place names on these pages. They're mostly gleaned from navigational announcements by the ship's onboard naturalist.

Each thumbnail is linked to a larger, almost full-sized copy of the original image.

The line drawing is of the Chilkoot mountains, outside of Skagway - they reminded me of something out of a classic Chinese painting, with their ragged cliffs rising out of the mists.

The other three are from Glacier Bay. Everything about Glacier Bay fascinated me - the murky blue-green water filled with glacial runoff, the forests which grew younger and younger the further back into Glacier Bay we went, as we followed the retreat of the glaciers, and of course the mountains and the glaciers themselves.

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